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VR Room
VR Room

Where Above EPF Command Room
Opened June 10, 2010
Closed November 15, 2012
Mini-games Secret Missions
Room ID 213
Tour Description
This is called the VR Room. VR stands for Virtual Reality. Here you can see what the old HQ looked like, before it was destroyed by a popcorn device.

The VR Room (full name Virtual Reality Room) was a special room in Club Penguin, located directly above the EPF Command Room. Here, agents were able to view old versions of the former PSA Headquarters, as well as experience Secret Missions, through the use of virtual reality.

The room was ultimately destroyed in November 2012, due to being blown up at the start of Operation: Blackout. Secret Missions were moved to the "Fun Stuff" section of the Club Penguin homepage afterwards, although they were later added back into the game in June 2015.

Virtual reality[]

On the top of the screen were four buttons that let the player change how the room would be viewed, with virtual reality. Original features from the rooms (such as door to the Sport Shop, and teleportation by clicking the screens of the I.S.E.E.U.) were absent. The different versions that could be seen are as follows:

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This was the default option. The room was mostly blank, except for the tube transport on the left, and mission console on the right.

HQ 2005[]

This was what the PSA HQ originally looked like, from August 25, 2005, until March 29, 2006. The HQ was small, and contained little decor.

HQ 2007[]

This was what the PSA HQ looked like from March 29, 2006, until May 18, 2010. The HQ was sizable now, and contained a large desk, and the I.S.E.E.U.. The Command Room cabinet and board on the wall were notably absent from this hologram, due to the mission console.

HQ 2010[]

This was what the PSA HQ looked like from May 18, 2010, until May 28, 2010, when it was shut down permanently. The results of this version were due to a Popcorn Bomb, made by Herbert P. Bear. The HQ was mostly similar to the previous iteration, except it was filled with popcorn, and many objects were destroyed.




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