Full Name Violetta Castillo
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position  ?
Appeared Music Jam 2014
Color Arctic White
Clothes Items Violetta's Hair
Hoy Somos Más Eyes
En Mi Mundo Dress
Sneaky Sneak Runners
Pink Wristband
Related To N/A
Friends With Cadence
Penguin Band
Cole Plante
Sabrina Carpenter
Meetable Character? Only when shes performing
Voiced/ Played By Martina Stoessel

Violetta is the main character from the Latin American Disney Channel series of the same name.

She appeared as one of four special guest performers at the Music Jam 2014, where players were able to pick up a music pack from her.


Violetta is a lively girl, who is kind and friendly. She is always honest, except when she is around her dad. Violetta loves singing but her father never lets her, so she keeps it a secret from him. She hates having to lie, but knows if she gave up her dream that she would regret it.

Violetta has a romantic side, which gets more complicated as she begins to have two loves, León and Tomás. She can get very confused with her feelings.

Her personality changes a bit in season 2, she becomes more confident and is very hyper and energetic; she also seems to be more mature but also very fun and happy. Now that her father lets her attend the Studio as a normal student, she becomes even more interested in music and writing songs; but she still has to face her life: her relationships with León and Diego, her father and Ludmila, who seems to hate Violetta even more that she did before and wants to see her suffering and tries to do everything to make her leave Studio On Beat.


  • Violetta inherited her singing voice from her mother.
  • She also can play the guitar and piano.
  • Earlier in 2014, it was rumored that she would appear on the island as a special guest, due to Spike Hike saying "Who loves Violetta at the Music Jam?" at a meetup.
  • She performed her hit song Hoy Somos Más.
  • For watching her perform on the Main Stage, players could click on her to receive the Violetta Giveaway.
  • Cadence interviewed her in issue #456 of the Club Penguin Times.


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