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Volcano New
Is it seen right now? No
Type Volcano
Party Every Party
Where? Dojo Courtyard, Fire Dojo, Lava Cliffs

The Volcano was a large volcano in the Mountain Range of the Island of Club Penguin. It was well known as the site of Card-Jitsu Fire and the Fire Dojo. The Volcano was located near the Dojo and was connected to it by a bridge. The volcano had no lava, just hot sauce.

Explored Locations[]

  • Fire Dojo - Opened in 2009, the Fire Dojo was the site of Card-Jitsu Fire. The bridge connecting the Volcano and the Dojo was found here. A metal grate separated the Fire Dojo from the magma below. Fires were lit here, and hot sauce could be found all across the room.
  • Underneath - Ye Knight's Quest 2 took place under the Volcano. It was first accessible in 2010, and returned in 2011 and 2012. It was shown to have waterfall like structures flowing with lava, and was full of gold and hot sauce. It is known that the room was situated underneath the Volcano because it was stated in Tour Guide scripts.

Volcano Sightings[]