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Volcano Mouth
Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Volcano Mouth.png

Where Temple of Fruit
Opened August 23, 2012
Closed September 5, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Behold the Volcano Mouth! As you can see, all the fruit tribes come here... feed BIG BIG KAHUNA! Those who feed him enough and prove themselves worthy... ...will earn ancient treasure for their troubles!

The Volcano Mouth, also known as the Cursed Kahuna or the Cursed Volcano, was a party room at the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. It makes up part of the Temple of Fruit. The Big-Big Kahuna controls it.


The three Tribal Penguin tribes, Green, Red, and Yellow, can compete by throwing Fruit with their tribe’s color (green for watermelons, red for apples and yellow for pineapples) into the volcano, with scores kept at the bottom, and at the same time trying to destroy it. There is a prize awarded at the end for the winning tribe.