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Genre Comedy, Sketch
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 28
Channel YouTube
Publisher Club Penguin
Runtime 1-3 minutes
Years July 12, 2013 - March 25, 2014
Were you looking for the Waddle On Party?

#WaddleOn was a sketch comedy show made by Club Penguin. The show ran from July 12, 2013 to March 25, 2014, consisting of twenty-eight episodes and two full seasons. Sketches featured moderators such as Pinkyunicorn, Hockeyb01, Patague, etc.[1]

After #WaddleOn Episode 28: with The Muppets!, the series was merged with The Spoiler Alert.

List of Episodes

Season 1

Season 2




This section is for all characters who are portrayed by moderators and appeared in the sketch comedy series #WaddleOn.

  • Blacksmith Force - a team of penguins who fix things by hammering them, like a guitar, for example. They wear Blacksmith Apron.
  • Goldsmith Force - the Blacksmith Force's counterparts. The Goldsmith Force fix valuable things, such as trophies. They wear Goldsmith Apron.
  • Trees and Ornaments - a running gag in two episodes where ornaments chased a tree, with the latter screaming "HELP!!!" and vice versa.
  • Spirit of Song - an angel-like figure who gives penguins the power to sing and speak, and not just use word bubbles, yet he does not sing well.
  • Space Squids - an alien race who like eating earthlings and pie. They wear the Space Squid Costume from the Hollywood Party. They have been known to hang out at igloos, the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop.
  • Kermit the Frog - The most famous of all Muppets, Kermit made an appearance in the series alongside Fozzie Bear in the series' final episode before merging with The Spoiler Alert.
  • Pookie - A running gag in every episodes, this type of penguins wear cute clothes and a Teddy Bear. When penguins see a Pookie, they run in fear. Pookies can come in different sizes, as shown in the episode Prehysteric Part 2.

Recurring Sketches

  • Earthlings
  • Blacksmith Force
  • Help!
  • Orange Puffle
  • Statue Roommates
  • Pookies


  • It was originally going to be called The Moose and Polo Show, but since Businesmoose left the game, it was reinvented as #WaddleOn.[2]
  • The Moose and Polo Show did eventually happen however, starting in late 2021, due to both BusinessMoose and PoloField making their own virtual worlds: Moose in Suits and Party Parrot respectively.
  • The show's title uses Billybob's catchphrase: "Waddle On!".
  • Season 1 episodes of #WaddleOn came out every Friday on their YouTube channel and got posted on the blog. While Season 2 episodes now come out every Wednesday.
    • There was no episode on September 13, 2013, because Episode 10 is double length.
  • WaddleOn with The Muppets was the final episode of the series, as it was confirmed that #WaddleOn-style skits would be integrated into The Spoiler Alert from now on.[3]
  • Painterbird headed the production of it.


Season 1

Season 2