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#WaddleOn... with Gary!
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 2:05
Season 2
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date October 30, 2013

#WaddleOn... with Gary! is the second episode in the sketch comedy show #WaddleOn of the 2nd season. It was released on November 6, 2013.


On November 8, 2013, Spike Hike posted on the fan blog Club Penguin Memories a little background about the episode.[1]

A little backstory on the Future Dome….last year there was a plan to migrate CP to a new technology and we created the concept of the Future Dome as a way to preview all the new things the technology would bring. It would have shown the 3D penguin, the new rooms, and the ability to jump to friend. However, we found out the new tech wasn’t ready and so we decided to prove it out on mobile instead of changing the web.

We also had this cool idea for a commercial that never got made. Kinda of a spoof on Back To The Future. Gary would come back through time in the Time Trekker and jump out and say “Gadzook!! I just got back from the future! You won’t believe what they have there – we’re all in 3D!!” Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Jet Pack Guy would all say “I want to see!” And jump in the Time Trekker. Just as they do Rookie would say “But Mr G, you almost forgot your computer!” And then G would say: “Computer? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED computers.” The Time Trekker would levitate up, the screen would pull back, and you would see that they were all on an iPad. We were going to try to license the Back To The Future music too. But Disney doesn’t own Back To the Future so it was too complicated. It was nonetheless, a cool idea.

So the Future Party never happened but all that stuff has been worked on and is being rolled out. But if people want a Future Party…

— Spike Hike on November 8, 2013

The Future Party ended up being confirmed to occur in May 2014.



Gary has invented a time machine. Gary from the future comes out of it. The future Gary asks present Gary not to use the time machine. Gary asks if the future one is trying to change the past, and he says yes. They, then, say simultaneously "GADZOOKS IT WORKS!!"

"House plants into penguins"

Gary thanks Rookie for testing his new device; then states that it turns penguins into house plants, and Rookie replies saying no problem. It then cuts to a few days later, where Gary says the same thing except instead of turning penguins into house plants, it turns house plants into penguins, and now Rookie is a tall green plant.

"Blacksmith Force"

Gary is standing next to his invention which is split in half, when suddenly, 6 penguins called the "Blacksmith Force" wearing Blacksmith Aprons appear and fix his invention. Afterwards, one penguin asks what it can do and Gary replies that it can fix anything. The penguin, then, complains to Gary saying "You trying to put us out of a job Gary?".

"Hair Chair 3000"

In the episode, it gets rid of the penguin's hair.

"Mad scientist convention"

Gary stands in front of his time machine from the first sketch and is in a panic stating that he is "late for the mad scientist convention in the future". He then enters the time machine; then appears in front of a large dome named the "Future Dome" in the future. Gary then enters it where a large amount of penguins are waiting for Gary. When Gary enters he says that he is amazed by the "amount of brain power" in the room. He then wonders where he parked his time machine, and the episode of WaddleOn ends with the outro.



  • The last sketch of the episode references Gary's deleted mascot script files from late 2012, which were originally thought to be used for the Prehistoric Party 2013. It could also have to do with Operation: Puffle, as in the scripts, Gary mentions a new Puffle, which could be the Golden Puffle.[2]
  • This is the first time we have seen Gary's Igloo.


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