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#WaddleOn: Operation Puffle Part 1
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:45
Season 2
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date November 13, 2013

#WaddleOn: Operation Puffle Part 1 is the third episode in the sketch comedy show #WaddleOn of the 2nd season. It is the 1st part of the #WaddleOn: Operation Puffle trilogy. It was released on November 13, 2013.


Two penguins are sitting in the Plaza. One explains to the other that they need to feed their puffle less. It suddenly zooms out, and a giant Orange Puffle comes into view. The other penguin then says "I think you're right". The giant Orange Puffle suddenly then disappears, and three EPF Agents arrive, and state that they're "taking over the show" until the puffle is found.

It suddenly transitions to four EPF Agents sitting in the EPF Command Room, with the giant Orange Puffle on the screen. One of the agents explains that this is the Orange Puffle which is their target. He then goes to explain that they're on the show from which the giant Orange Puffle was seen (the show being #WaddleOn). Three of the agents proceed to wave, saying "Hi mom!" and "Hi viewers!". A random brown penguin then waddles into view, crying. He says that the EPF Agents need to find the big puffle, and begs them to do so. He then walks away. The EPF Agents react by getting right to work and trying to find the big puffle.

It suddenly transitions to the Everyday Phoning Facility. A message from Director suddenly appears, which demands them to find the big puffle so the EPF Agents can give them the show back. It then zooms out to the orange puffle in the unused computer, out of sight from the other agents.



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