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#WaddleOn: Sidekick Search
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:44
Season 2
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date December 4, 2013

#WaddleOn: Sidekick Search is the sixth episode in the sketch comedy show #WaddleOn of the 2nd season. It was released on December 4, 2013.



"I Should Be Part of a Team"

Rookie enters and waves at the viewers, announcing that he should be somebody's sidekick. So he goes on a mission to find somebody who will allow him to be their sidekick.

Search 1:PH

First, Rookie decides to be PH's sidekick. Rookie visits PH in the Pet Shop. PH tells him that in order to be a good puffle handler, he must give commands to the puffles. So Rookie does, telling some puffles "Down, puffles, down" as they crawl all over him.

Search 2:Sensei

Then, Rookie decides to be Sensei's sidekick. He visits Sensei at the Dojo. He tells Rookie that in order to train ninjas, he must have good focus. But Rookie isn't listening as he is looking at the "shiny" fish on the roof of the Dojo.

Search 3:Dot

Then, Rookie decides to be Dot's sidekick. He goes to the Ski Hill to meet her. But Dot is disguised as a cactus, so Rookie gives up and moves on, not knowing that she's there, even when she attempts to whisper, "Psst."

Search 4:Gary

Then Rookie decides to be Gary's sidekick. Gary tells Rookie that if he is going to work in a lab, he should not touch anything, but Rookie has already touched Gary's cloning machine, causing a riot of Rookies to say, "Not me!" except for the real one, who admits it.

Search 5:Rockhopper

Then Rookie decides to be Rockhopper's sidekick. Rockhopper drones to Rookie about boring stories about his life at sea, but Rookie has fallen asleep!

The Perfect Sidekick

At the Coffee Shop, Rockhopper, PH, Gary, Sensei, and Dot (who's still disguised as a cactus) tell each other that Rookie isn't a good sidekick for any of them. Then Rookie shows up and PH tells him that he shouldn't be a sidekick after all, but Rookie points out that he was looking for his OWN sidekick, and he has already found one. He then introduces them to Woody, a wooden toy puffle. Rockhopper, PH, Gary, Sensei, and Dot are surprised at first, but they decide they like the idea anyway. They all say hello to Woody, and Rockhopper says he's quite relieved, which the others look at him. Then Rockhopper asks "Did I just say that out loud?"


  • This is the first time Dot is seen in-game although she is disguised as a Small Cactus.
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