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#WaddleOn Episode 10: Find Your Voice
Genre Comedy, Sketch, Musical
Length 3:29
Season 1
Characters See Cast
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date September 20, 2013

#WaddleOn Episode 10: Find Your Voice is the tenth episode of Club Penguin's sketch comedy series #WaddleOn. It aired on September 20, 2013, and is a special double-length musical episode. The episode follows two penguins as they struggle to find their voices.[1]


Two penguins are singing in word bubbles at an igloo stage. Another penguin stops them, saying that they cannot sing with word bubbles. The whole episode has them trying to actually sing and not just speak word bubbles. Eventually, a song spirit comes and gives them the powers to sing. Soon, they are back at the igloo, and everyone cheers and dances as they sing. A penguin asks if the Spirit of Song can sing, and so he does, but it comes out sounding awful, so the penguin asks him to stop.


  • Characters from other #WaddleOn sketches made cameos in the song:
    • "I'm a vampire"
    • "HELP!!!"
    • "Goldsmith Force"
    • "A big Slice...OF PIZZA!"
    • "Statue Roomates"
    • " What has cheese and flies?"
    • "I'm a were apple"
  • This is the tenth video to have penguin voices, the first nine being Club Penguin Shorts.
  • This is the longest episode of WaddleOn.
  • There is no Puffle Hotel in the video.


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  • Painterbird as Spirit of Song
  • Dolly Button as Female Singer
  • Turbo Sharks as Male Singer


  • L8ter Skater as Talent Show Judge
  • Bella Bugz as Vampire
  • Flower Miss as Ornament
  • Funni Dude as Goldsmith Force
  • Scaredy Kat as Werewolf
  • Ali Gatr as Tree and Pizza
  • Puff1e Dude as Mime
  • Blingg Bird as Spider Jester and Goldsmith Force
  • Cooki Rocket as Marcher, Goldsmith Force, and Space Squid


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