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#WaddleOn Episode 2
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:26
Season 1
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date July 19, 2013

#WaddleOn Episode 2 is the second episode in the sketch comedy show #WaddleOn. It was released on July 19, 2013.


"What's on the menu?"

A barista dressed as a squid and a customer are in the Coffee Shop. The customer asks, "what's on the menu?". The barista answers "YOU ARE EARTHLING!" and laughs. The customer then asks if there's anything else on the menu, and the barista tells him he has pie. The customer is delighted and accepts the offer, saying "i like pie", while the barista says "yes sir!" and starts to make it.


A penguin at the Forest wearing an Ornament costume screams, as he runs away from penguins dressed in Tree Costumes who are chasing him.

"Next time, I'm driving."

A penguin and a Black Puffle are playing Cart Surfer. The Black Puffle tells its owner to turn right then left then right again, but fails. The Black Puffle then says "Next time, I'm driving".

"A big slice... OF PIZZA!"

Two penguins, a waiter dressed up as a pizza and a customer, are at the Pizza Parlor. When the waiter asks the customer what they would like to eat, the customer replies "A big slice of PIZZA". The waiter then gulps thinking he's gonna get eaten.

Dance Floor Penguin

A penguin is dancing in the Dance Club, and changes color at exactly the same time as the colors change on the dance floor, while still dancing.

"Why? What's gonna happen?"

Two penguins are in an igloo, and one of the penguins keeps feeding their Orange Puffle. When the penguin's friend tells them that they should stop feeding their puffle so much, the owner of the puffle asks why and what's going to happen. The Orange Puffle then quickly grows to double its size, and burps.



  • This is currently the shortest episode of #WaddleOn.
  • The "HELP!!!" sketch is the continuation of the first episode sketch of the same name. This time, a penguin with an Ornament costume is the one being chased by penguins in Tree Costumes.
  • The Wilhelm Scream can be heard in "HELP!!!"
  • Dance Floor Penguin is currently the only sketch in which nobody talks.
  • If you change a color, your penguin stops the action they are previously doing. However this didn't apply with the Dance Floor Penguin.
    • But of course, as stated in the end of each episode, some footage is not reflective of actual in-game experience, so this answers the problem.
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