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#WaddleOn Episode 3
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:39
Season 1
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date July 26, 2013

#WaddleOn Episode 3 is the third episode in the sketch comedy show #WaddleOn. It was released on July 26, 2013.


"This iceberg will never tip."

A group of penguins are attempting to tip the Iceberg. Every penguin leaves except one. The one penguin that's left manages to tip the Iceberg, and smiles.


A penguin and their friend are admiring their Red Puffle. The penguins keep saying to each other "WHO'S CUTE? HE IS! SO CUTE!" until the puffle pukes. They continue admiring the puffle, and act like nothing happened.

"No way I'm drinking this."

A red penguin is playing Smoothie Smash. The penguin keeps on smashing the fruit with his butt. The customer who's waiting for a smoothie says "No way I'm drinking this".

"Just wanted."

A penguin enters the Book Room and asks the secretary where he can talk to his friend. The penguin waddles over to his friend (who happens to be on the wanted poster) and asks why he's wanted. His friend replies "I dunno, just wanted".

"What's on the menu?"

A penguin enters the Pizza Parlor and asks the Space Squid waiter what's on the menu. The Space Squid responds by saying, "YOU ARE, EARTHLING!" as he did in the previous episode. The penguin reveals that he's also a Space Squid and asks what's on the menu. The waiter responds by saying, "EARTHLINGS!" and the two laugh evilly. The waiter then mentions they have pie, which the customer chooses.



  • This is the first episode of the #WaddleOn series to consist in only 5 sketches instead of 6.
  • The "This iceberg will never tip" sketch is a reference to the popular rumor of tipping the Iceberg.
  • The "What's on the menu?" sketch is the continuation of the second episode sketch of the same name.
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