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#WaddleOn Episode 5
Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:48
Season 1
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date August 9, 2013

#WaddleOn Episode 5 is the fifth episode in the sketch-comedy show #WaddleOn by Club Penguin. It was released on August 9th, 2013.



A group of squids are waiting for their meal. The waiter asks a customer what they want to eat, and the customer replies "EARTHLINGS!". All the squids then laugh. A penguin dressed up as an astronaut then enters, and asks what they like to eat, and all the squids hesitate to tell him. The astronaut then reveals he's a squid too, and all the squids laugh again. The squid then say "I'll have pie".

"Do I need this many tour guides?"

Two tour guides are giving their tour to one penguin. The penguin asks the tour guides why there's two of them giving the same tour; then even more tour guides appear and start giving tours. The Wilhelm Scream could be heard in the sketch.

"My puffle eats too much"

A puffle owner tells her friend that her puffle eats too much. The video then zooms out, and the puffle is in view (the puffle being much bigger than the penguins). The puffle owner's friend then agrees.

"Welcome to dragon class"

A group of penguins in the School dressed like dragons are being taught. The teacher explains what the students will learn. The teacher then asks if they have any questions. A knight appears and asks "how do we battle dragons?". The school bell then rings, and the teacher says "class dismissed".

"Blacksmith Force"

A penguin is sitting alone on a bench at the Town. He complains that his guitar is broken. A logo saying "Blacksmith Force" then appears out of nowhere, along with a group of penguins wearing Blacksmith Aprons,who start fixing the guitar. The penguin then tries to play the guitar, and finds it's fixed, thanking them. A blacksmith then replies "All in a days work for Blacksmith Force".



  • The "WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT?" sketch is a continuation of the sketches "What's on the menu?" in episodes 2 and 3.
  • The "My puffle eats too much" sketch is a continuation of the previous sketch "Why? What's gonna happen?" in episode 2.
  • This is the third episode where the "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard.
  • This episode marks the debut of the Blacksmith Force, who appear as a running gag in later episodes.
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