Waddle On Party
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When November 5, 2018 onward
Location Club Penguin Island
Characters Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Dot, Gary, Herbert, Jet Pack Guy, Klutzy, Rockhopper, Rookie, Rory, Shellbeard
For the party from Club Penguin, see Waddle On Party.

The Waddle On Party is an event on Club Penguin Island that began on November 5, 2018. It is the final party of Club Penguin Island, as well as the entire Club Penguin franchise. The party reveals the secret of the Island Star,[1] and features the Classic Arcade.[2] Additionally, since the start of the party, all players receive never-ending membership if they did not have it already.[3]

Even after Club Penguin Island was discontinued on December 20, 2018, the party is still accessible in Offline Mode, and can be toggled between active and inactive. In order to do so, the player must interact with the plaque in Island Central. The party is inactive by default.


Image Reward Type Available from Available until
Coin CPI small
1,000,000 coins December 20, 2018 January 1, 2050
Emoji Green Note
Green Note Emoji
Finale Hat icon
Finale Hat Head extras Item


After logging in

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
I’m so glad you’re here. The Island Star is buzzing.
It changes over time, representing five penguins who influence the island.
I know who four of those are, yet the star’s missing someone.
Ask around Island Central to track down the fifth penguin.

Character interaction

Text with a blue background is additional dialog that only appears if the player has completed the final episode of a certain character's adventures:
Additionally, the aforementioned final episodes must have been completed after the party started. Before, if they were already completed, they had to be completed again for the additional dialog to appear. This was later fixed.
List of messages

Aunt Arctic

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
It’s true. The green piece reacts to me.
While I’ve had my share of adventures, it’s been a team effort.
That’s what’s so great about our community—we work together.
After all, we couldn’t have formed the EPF without you.


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Rockhopper
Y’arr, that be a fine bauble, matey.
You’ve quite the beak for treasure hunting.
One day you’ll sail off for even shinier riches.
And take on new foes, even greater than Shellbeard!
Har har, it be true! There’s a whole world to discover.
You’ll be great out there. Almost as great as...
The legendary pirate, CAPTAIN ROCKHOPPER!


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Rookie
Is that a pet star? I didn’t even know those existed!
That’s what I love about the island—I never know what’s gonna happen.
Remember when we had to stop the out-of-control rocket tube?
Or when you unfroze me near the top of Mount Blizzard?
I’m glad I get to share these moments with a pal like you.


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Rory
I’m thinking up my next igloo design.
Building helps me relax. It’s like yoga... but with a hammer.
And it’s so much better than my last job.
Though the throne sure was comfy…


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Dot
Hey there. Planning any new designs?
Whatever you wear, it’s how you express yourself that matters.
So be comfortable with who you are— because you’re awesome.
And, of course, don’t forget your camouflage when going stealth.
Oh... one last thing.
Thanks for helping me and Rory make up during the Beach Bash.
You didn’t think I knew it was you, hey?
Heh, can’t keep secrets from a spymaster.


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Gary
Greetings! The sky is an interesting color, isn’t it?
This type of sunset is a rare event. But, it’s okay...
It is an inevitable part of the planet’s rotational cycle.
There will be many wondrous skies for you to witness...
And always something new to discover.


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Cadence
Cool star. Kinda like a glowstick, hey?
Reminds me of the fireworks at the Beach Bash.
I totally owe you one for that.
You gonna stop by Team Dance Battle?
It’s good for the soul to dance. Sing. Get into the vibe.
Sometimes you just gotta let loose and have fun.

Jet Pack Guy

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Jet Pack Guy
Don’t mind me, just keeping watch.
Gotta keep the island safe…
And the penguins who live here…
And my jetpack.
These things are worth fighting for.
So don’t worry if you ever have to leave. I’ll hold down the fort.

Herbert P. Bear

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Herbert
Hmph. What are you looking at?
Even a genius like myself has to eat.
While you penguins may be annoying…
And brainless…
You do make a good pizza.
But that doesn’t mean Klutzy and I will take it easy on you.
Especially after what you did to my iceberg base.


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Shellbeard
HAR HAR! Free at last!
Thanks, matey! I’m to meet an old friend soon.
I’d have hated to... skip... the meeting.
If spoken to again, the following replaces above dialog
Why would ye free me? You’re a strange bird.
Guess I won’t make ye walk the plank after all. Pity.

At random intervals if any given penguin has not been talked to

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
Come speak with me.
Speak to JPG by the flagpole.
Speak to Rookie by the mural.
Speak to Rory by Igloos & Interiors.
Speak to Dot by Igloos & Interiors.
Speak to Gary by the snack table.
Speak to Rockhopper by the fountain.
Speak to DJ Cadence by Franky's.

After all eight penguin characters are talked to

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
We haven’t found the fifth penguin represented on the Island Star.
It should be a caring penguin…
Who means so much to this community…
And who will set off on their own amazing adventures.
Ah, it all makes sense now! The penguin that’s so important to us is…
Quest Communicator Rockhopper
Fine job, matey!
Quest Communicator Rookie
Quest Communicator Dot
It suits you!
Quest Communicator Jet Pack Guy
Mission complete!
Quest Communicator Gary
Quest Communicator Cadence
Chart topper!
Quest Communicator Rory


Main article: Waddle On Party/Credits

After the above scene occurs, credits play, featuring various characters and a list of people involved in creating and developing Club Penguin Island. These credits can be viewed again at any time by interacting with the plaque near Aunt Arctic in Island Central.

Party hats

In all five regular zones, fifteen various party hats (three per zone) from throughout Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island are scattered about on top of various objects.

Image Hat Location
Waddle On party hat Party Hat On a pillar in the background of Glow Grotto in The Sea Caves
Waddle On 1st anniversary hat 1st Year Party Hat
(Club Penguin)
On buoy 1 outside Franky's at Island Central
Waddle On 2nd anniversary hat 2nd Year Party Hat On buoy 2 at the southwest island at Coconut Cove
Waddle On 3rd anniversary hat 3rd Year Party Hat On the spiral stone in the ruins at Coconut Cove
Waddle On 4th anniversary hat 4th Year Party Hat On buoy 4 near the Migrator at Beacon Boardwalk
Waddle On 5th anniversary hat 5th Year Party Hat On buoy 5 near Gary's Lab at Mt. Blizzard
Waddle On 6th anniversary hat 6th Anniversary Hat On buoy 6 outside the Lighthouse at Beacon Boardwalk
Waddle On 7th anniversary hat 7th Anniversary Hat On a stalagmite near the entrance of The Sea Caves
Waddle On 8th anniversary hat 8th Anniversary Hat On a sack of mail at the Crate Co. station at Mt. Blizzard
Waddle On 9th anniversary hat 9th Anniversary Hat On the buoy line near the floating deck at Coconut Cove
Waddle On 10th anniversary hat 10th Anniversary Hat On a tree southeast of the dance battle station
and far south of Igloos & Interiors at Island Central
Waddle On 11th anniversary hat 11th Anniversary Hat On a traffic light next to the Snow Stormer start line at Mt. Blizzard
Waddle On beta hat Beta Hat On a steering wheel on the balcony of the Sea Caves
Waddle On cpi 1st anniversary hat 1st Year Party Hat
(Club Penguin Island)
On the Wish Squid at Beacon Boardwalk
Waddle On cpi finale hat Finale Hat On a statue in the Island Central sewers

Wrap Up posts

After the party started, a series of blog posts began on the Island News Blog, which detailed information that was never mentioned and concepts that were never implemented in the game.


  • If the player "speaks" to Klutzy with certain emojis, including the princess emoji or crab emojis, he responds.
  • In Island Central, a silhouette resembling a yeti will sometimes pop out from the mountains in the background behind the Disney Shop and Franky's.



Beacon Boardwalk

Coconut Cove

The Sea Caves

Mt. Blizzard

Island Central

Sneak peeks

Classic Arcade


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFesta Pinguinando
FrenchFête Bonnes glissades
SpanishFiesta Sigan pingüineando
German N/A
Russian N/A


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