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The water element in Card-Jitsu

Water is a natural source in Club Penguin, and surrounds the whole Club Penguin Island. It supports many areas like the Beach, the Dock, Cove, or the Iceberg. It also appears in mini-games, often as a setting but also as a direct tool. In some cases, water has also been a theme for parties, such as the Water Parties. It is also one of the three Card-Jitsu Elements and the main element in the minigame Card-Jitsu Water.


Water appears as one of the main elements of Card-Jitsu. It is weak to snow, however it can overpower fire. When a card is successfully used, the penguin throws a water-balloon at the opposition.

Card-Jitsu Water features water as its main element. Ninjas can become masters of water after completing the quest.

In Card-Jitsu Snow, a ninja has a water-tank hammer to use as a weapon.


There are several lakes and a river in Club Penguin Island. Water also appears in the form of snow around the island.

During some events, Club Penguin Island has been subjected to flooding.


Main article: H2O

H2O is Club Penguin's brand of water, dispensed by a vending machine. The bottle has a white cap and a blue label with text that reads "H2O". H2O is a chemical formula meaning two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, which results in water. However, it cannot be drunk and it is only used for decoration.

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  • In November 2010, it rained in Club Penguin for the first time.
  • In reality, water is not an element. It is instead a compound containing two atoms of hydrogen, and one atom of oxygen.