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|title = Water Dojo
|title = Woter Dojo
|image = File:Water Dojo.PNG
|image = File:Water Dojo.PNG
|place = Next to the Volcano.
|place = Next to the Volcano.

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Woter Dojo

Where Next to the Volcano.
Opened November 16, 2010
Closed Still open
Mini-games Card-jitsu Water
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
Welcome ninja we're helping Sensei build the new Water Dojo Bring other ninjas here and use your jackhammers...

The Water Dojo is a room for Member Ninjas only. It will host the game Card-jitsu Water. It was opened in November 16, 2010, but was under construction. This new dojo is a journey to the water gem.



The Waterfall was first seen at the Dojo Exterior during the Dig Out the Dojo project in 2008, but only the top half could be seen. During that time, it was also thought to be a path that leads up to the Waterfall. It became faster than usual during January 2, 2010. Nothing since has happened to it until October 28, 2010, when a storm started. Shortly after that, it started raining. The storm lasted after the Halloween Party 2010. It did not flood the Island, but the Waterfall looked like it was getting faster and faster. Next, Ninjas needed to help build the Water Dojo in order to play Card-Jitsu Water, so the construction of the Water Dojo started on November 16, 2010. One of the designs at the Water Dojo looks like a a big rock in the waterfall.


  • Construction started on November 16, 2010
  • When players throw Snowballs, the Snowballs turn into Water Balloons
  • It appears the Water Dojo is held up by massive chains




Water Dojo

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