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Water Gem
Water gem
Is it seen right now? No
Type Gem
Party None
Where? Water Dojo

The Water Gem was a gem that signified mastery of the element of water, as a Water Ninja, through training in Card-Jitsu Water. It could be received from Sensei by defeating him after obtaining all four items of the Water Suit.

While owned, it would appear on the owner's Amulet.


  • When receiving this gem, the player would also receive the Water Ninja stamp.
  • If the player owned this gem, the water gem tile on the amulet symbol on the floor in the Ninja Hideout would glow. Once said room closed and the amulet symbol was moved to the Dojo, the tile would no longer glow.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Pedra da Água
French Gemme d'Eau
Spanish Gema de agua
German Wasser-Edelstein
Russian Самоцвет Воды

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