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Welcome Center
Welcome Center first version final design.jpg

The first finished iteration of the room

Where South of the Town and Plaza
Opened N/A
Closed N/A
Mini-games None
Room ID ?
Tour Description
Were you looking for the Welcome Solo?

The Welcome Center[1], also referred to as the Hub temporarily[2], was a cancelled room in Club Penguin. The room was designed to serve as an introduction to the game, geared towards younger players. However, due to developers being too busy with other projects at the time, the room was never made.[3]

This room went through several iterations over the course of two years[4] before being canceled. The room's purpose, although in a much simpler form, was later used as the Welcome Solo room, which itself was originally going to be located south of this room.

At one point, it was conceptualized as a new "hub" for the island, but this was later deemed "silly" as the Town already served this purpose.[2]

First finished iteration

The first finished version[5] version of the room was made in June 2009. It was first publicly shown on page 18 of The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin, where it was labeled as "coming soon". This was sneak peek was planned as exclusive to the book.[6]

The room would have contained a Fluffy the Fish fountain, a Tour Guide building, which would have been a replacement for the Tour Booth in the Ski Village, and a gazebo. There would have also been news board used for finding igloo parties, that would have allowed players to create posters to put on the board.[3]

Unknown iteration (1)

Concept of this iteration

This iteration does not feature any buildings, but instead features a large tree in the center, with a spiral staircase around it leading upward to an unknown location, with a barrel suspended by rope seemingly leading upward as well. The notice board is present. More paths to other rooms were added, as well as player's igloos, all labeled clearly with signs, as opposed to the usual directional arrow signs.

The overall design of the room is very similar to the ??? room from the Holiday Party 2010.

Unknown iteration (2)

Concept of this room from background of Welcome Solo concept (left) and map concept (right)

This iteration has not been fully displayed, but is seen partially in other concepts. In a concept for an earlier version of the Welcome Solo, it is seen in the distance. It was also seen on map concept art. Both concepts display a large tower, although its design differs. The map concept also has an archway next to igloos, similar to the iteration in the above concept.


One idea for the room was to have a balloon ride that would show various rooms on the island. This idea was later repurposed for the Hot Air Balloon Ride and Santa's Sled.[3]


  • According to Polo Field on Twitter, the Town's redesign from 2012 incorporated elements from this room. This includes the notice board, although in the Town it was only decorative, and did not have the function it was planned to have in the Welcome Center.