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Welcome Tee
Welcome Tee icon
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Available Yes
Type Tops Item
Cost Free
ID 352
Internal name levelOneTShirt

The Welcome Tee is a unique tops item in Club Penguin Island. All players can obtain this item by logging in for the first time after completing the "Leaky Landing" adventure.


Obtained by Available from Available until
April 18, 2018
April 26, 2018 Still available


  • It has an unused description, which is "Welcome to Club Penguin Island—starring you!"
  • It incorporates the chevronWaves fabric and part of the levelBadge decal, both from the Citizen Pack, as part of its design.
  • It was initially only available for one day, and even then only some players received it, due to a glitch.[1] It was available again a week later with the glitch fixed.

Names in other languages

PortugueseCamiseta de Boas-vindasBoas-vindas à Ilha do Club Penguin, onde a estrela é você!
FrenchT-shirt de bienvenueBienvenue sur l'île de Club Penguin. C'est toi la star du show !
SpanishCamiseta de bienvenidaBienvenido a la Isla de Club Penguin, ¡contigo como protagonista!

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