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Adventure Party 2009 Berg whale close up.png

The Whale from the Adventure Party.
Scientific name Balaenoptera musculus (Blue Whale), Physeter macrocephalus (Sperm Whale)
Similar creatures Dolphins
Appeared Adventure Party, Jet Pack Adventure
Predators Some Sharks, especially Megalodon
Prey Krill (Blue Whale), Squid, especially Giant Squid (Sperm Whale)
For information on the real life animal, see here.

Whales are animals that live near Club Penguin. The known types of whales observed in Club Penguin are the sperm whale, blue whale and baleen whale.


  • In the story Comoica's Jet Pack Adventure, a penguin encounters a baleen whale while trying to reach the Migrator using a Jet Pack.
  • In the third level of Jet Pack Adventure and onwards there is a whale that squirts water from its blowhole.
  • There is a joke about whales in Club Penguin, "Why don't you see a penguin in the U.K.? Because they're afraid of Wales!".
  • In the Jetpack Boost game in the Club Penguin App there are whales that squirt water from their blowholes.



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