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Wheel Bot.png

Full Name Wheel-Robot
Species Robot
Position Test-Bot
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, System Defender, PSA Missions
Color Grey
Clothes Items None
Related To Jet Bot, Snow Bot, Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000, Microbots
Friends With Jet Bot, Snow Bot, Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Meetable Character? No

The Wheel-Bot is one of Gary's test-bots in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Its method of transportation is by a wheel under its main body area, hence its name. You use Bouncer and Flare to defeat it in the game. During the construction of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 the Snow Bot and the Jet Bot took many of its parts for the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000.


  • It is the first of the three Test Robots you have to defeat in the game.
  • Unlike the other robots, it does not wear ski goggles, meaning it is vulnerable to snowballs.
  • You can see it in the Gadget Room in the online missions and elite missions.
  • A toy version of the Wheel Bot appeared in the game during the Holiday Party 2010 at the Ski Lift 3000 and at the Dojo Courtyard.
  • It features in a System Defender level, along with the other test bots.
    • In the level, it controls the Orange Enemies.
  • It was seen in the Gadget Room in most secret missions.
  • Its head can be seen in the Monster Room and on the Covert Agent Station furniture item.
  • Out of all of the three test-bots, the Wheel-Bot has the most appearances.
  • He, along with Jet Bot and Snow Bot, can be added as friends.
  • According to a comic in Club Penguin Magazine, Gary reprogrammed it as a coffee machine and it is now trapped in 20,000 BCP with prehistoric puffles.
  • A headshot of the Wheel-Bot wearing a Ninja Mask was used for the "Robo Ninja" challenge at the Dock during the Fashion Festival.
  • In Do It Yourself Carting, it can be seen looking at the player outside in the wilderness.
  • It was the one who smashed through the Night Club wall, stole some Night Club speakers, and dropped a blueprint of an arm.



Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Robô sobre Rodas
French Robo-roue
Spanish Robot con ruedas (EPF DS)
RuedaBot (System Defender)
German RadBot
Russian Колёсобот