White Puffle

Available Yes
Attitude Gentle but strong
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Ice Skates, Frozen Wave, Snowcloud, Ice Rink
Play action Super: Makes ice rink
Normal: Makes frozen wave
Weak: Makes snowcloud
Dance Bounces up and down with a snowcloud above it.
Tongue color Blue
Speed slowest
Special features Ice breath
Elite Puffle Items Blue Earmuffs, Ice Breath
Favorite Games Unknown
ID 757

The White Puffle is the second to last puffle to be introduced to Club Penguin. They were discovered during the Puffle Party 2009, and available to be adopted March 2009. White Puffles are known for their ability to breathe ice. They are only adoptable for members. They are smaller than the rest of the puffle colors, therefore making them unique. They are also the most popular puffles, and may be related to ninjas, due to that fact that they slice their cookies like ninjas and they sleep like the stone puffles at the Dojo.

The puffle was released after Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force came out, and therefore was not an original Elite Puffle. However, in the downloable mission, Puffle Prankster, an unnamed White Puffle appears. He later reappears in Herbert's Revenge by the name of Chill.

List of actions

  • Bath: Jumps in bath and freezes it. Gets out of out bath half frozen in ice and jumps up and down until ice shatters.
  • Food: Eats whole bowl with food.
  • Gum: Blows a bubble which freezes and shatters into ice.
  • Cookie: Slices it in half like a ninja and eats it.
  • Sleep: Sleeps like the stone puffles in the courtyard.
  • Postcard: Feels shy with a group of puffle breeds.



  • The statues in the courtyard may be White Puffles, because of how they sleep.
  • The White Puffle is the only puffle not to be a penguin color.
  • It is the hardest puffle to catch in Puffle Roundup.
  • You get a stamp if you feed a white puffle in Feed-A-Puffle in Club Penguin: Game Day!.
  • It is very shy, and in Puffle Roundup it is the most sensitive of all puffles.
  • There was a glitch that made puffles white when they are using the scratching post or playing with the ball.
  • Some penguins rumor that it will be able to play in Card-Jistu Snow once released, but it has not yet been confirmed.

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