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Wild Woods
Wild Woods entrance.png

Where In the Wilderness
Opened See app release dates
Closed Still open
Mini-games Puffle Wild
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

The Wild Woods is an area on Club Penguin Island located deep in the Wilderness, at the northwest edge of the island. It was not explored until the Puffle Wild app was released. Many rare species of puffles are found here. You need at least 70 Star O'Berries to access this location in the app.


Compared to The Wilds, this area of the Wilderness is much more densely forested. There are many treetop platforms and houses that puffles live in. There is a basin in the center of the area. The shoreline at the edge of the island can be seen from the treetops.

Flora and Fauna

Many puffles are known to make their habitat here. Red, purple, and black Deer Puffles are exclusive here, along with pink and green Raccoon Puffles, and most rare of all, Yellow Unicorn Puffle.

Pine trees and bushes heavily populate the landscape. Special O-Berries are also seen here,



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