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Wilderness Expedition 2016 Wilderness 1.png

Where Between the Glade and the Cliff (2011)
Between the Dock and Sasquatch Village (2016)
Opened January 17, 2011
April 20, 2016
Closed January 31, 2011
May 4, 2016
Mini-games None
Room ID 852-859 (2011)
851-858 (2016)
Tour Description
See Tour Guide descriptions

The Wilderness was a series of party rooms accessible during the Wilderness Expedition 2011 and Wilderness Expedition 2016. These rooms formed a maze, similar to rooms in other events, such as the Great Snow Maze. The wilderness consists of seven rooms. It could be entered through the Glade (2011) or Dock (2016), and leads to the Cliff (2011) or Sasquatch Village (2016).


All rooms have four different paths, one at each edge of the screen. Each room has a mechanical part (2011) or a tree with bark missing (2016) in one of these directions, and the player has to pick that particular path. Picking the correct paths leads to the exits. The following are the ordered correct paths:

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Right
  4. Down
  5. Left
  6. Down
  7. Right

Tour Guide descriptions

Room Description (2011) Description (2016)
Room 1 These trees are so tall!
What's this over here?
Where did these things come from?
Let's keep going this way.
This is Base Camp
Get ready for your expedition here
an explorer is always prepared!
Now where'd I put my juice box?
Room 2 More machine parts!
It looks like there's a trail of them...
This is the land of lost cell phones
That might seem strange
since you can't see any cell phones
But that's because they're lost
Room 3 Over here! I found some more!
Maybe they lead somewhere...
The Wilds is an important part of nature
Please be respectful while here
There's a very strict 'No littering' policy
Room 4 More clues...
I think we're getting closer...
Let's keep going!
I think I remember that tree
If I take a left here I should...
Wait no, that's not right
Um, where's the exit?
Getting lost isn't part of the tour
Well... I guess it is now
Room 5 It's dark in here isn't it?
Maybe we'll get out of here soon...
Look, more pieces!
Notice how the snow is packed down
This is thanks to wild puffles
They come through this area often
and it creates these handy paths
Room 6 Over here, I've found some more.
Keep going...
Where are these things from?
This might look like a rock
but it's really an ancient asteroid
Probably about a million years old
Oh wait...
It's just a rock...
Room 7 Look!
I think I see daylight.
I feel like we're almost out of the trees...
These trees flourished thanks to puffles
Seeds attach to a puffles' hair
allowing them to spread
to other parts of the Wilds
Lost room I think we're lost!
I think we will start all over again.
Look closely at these trees
You might find sasquatch hairs
That means we're close!
I can practically smell the sasquatch village