Woodsman's Hat
Woodsman's Hat
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Available No
Type Head Item
Member item Yes
Party Medieval Party 2012
Cost 200 coins
Where found Penguin Style
Medieval Catalog
Item ID 669
Unlockable No

The Woodsman's Hat was a head item in Club Penguin. It cost 200 coins in the Penguin Style and the Medieval Catalogs, and only members could buy it.


Catalog Available from Available until
Penguin Style May 2, 2008 August 1, 2008
May 1, 2009 August 7, 2009
August 5, 2015 March 30, 2017
Party Location Available from Available until
Medieval Party 2012 Medieval Catalog May 17, 2012 May 30, 2012


  • There was a puffle hat version of this called Sherwood Hat.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseChapéu de Lenhador
FrenchLe Chapeau des Bois
SpanishSombrero verde con pluma
RussianШляпа лесника


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