X-Wing Game
Defeat TIE Fighter

The "On Level Choosing Menu" of the game.
Players 1
Controls Mouse and Keyboard
Minigame location Yavin 4
Date released August 8, 2013

The X-Wing Game was a mini-game that was playable during the Star Wars Takeover, at the last part of the quest. This mini-game was located on Yavin 4. The goal of the game was to destroy the Death Star.


The player takes control of an X-wing fighter and must get to the end of the trench, destroying turrets and TIE fighters, avoiding to get shot himself.

On the lower left side of the sceen is an indicator of the player's health. Every time the fighter takes damage health drains from it, and if it gets empty the X-wing will explode and the game will be over. Every few seconds the health regenerates. On the right side is an indicator of how much distance the player has traveled.

Once the player beats level 3, there will be a cutscene showing the Death Star being destroyed.

Free Items

After a player completed a level they were awarded an item.



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