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Ye Knight's Quest 3

Where Underground
Opened May 19, 2011
May 17, 2012
Closed May 31, 2011
May 30, 2012
Mini-games N/A
Room ID 869-873
Tour Description

Ye Knight's Quest 3 was an event at the Medieval Party 2011 and Medieval Party 2012. It could be accessed in the Cave, next to Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) and Ye Knight's Quest 2 (in 2011 and 2012, respectfully).


Three free items can be found in the quest:


  1. Consisted of memory skills as the challenge is to find the hidden gem that is asked to be found. The following options are red, blue, or yellow. Get the correct answer three times to move onto the next challenge.
  2. A puzzle where the player has to click certain buttons to go across. To complete the challenge, first walk over to the red button and click on it, then walk over to the blue button and click it, lastly walk over to the yellow button and click on it. (Completing it once, makes a path appear to skip the puzzle)
  3. Going through the gate leads to the Hall of Hints, which reveals the weaknesses of each Hydra head, pick up and equip the Gold Staff and Shield then enter the cave with glowing eyes where the battle with the Hydra is ahead.
  4. The Hydra has three heads: One red, one blue and one yellow. To defeat it, each head must be taken down.
    • To defeat the red head, throw snowballs at it. Getting hit by its attack can send the player back to the Hall of Hints, which makes the Hydra return to having full health.
    • To defeat the blue head, throw a snowball at the pot of lava overhead when it is above of the blue head. Penguins frozen by its attack cannot move until the ice breaks after a few seconds.
    • To defeat the yellow head, walk to the stone that is glowing yellow, while wearing the Gold Staff and Shield to reflect the light attack back at the yellow head.
  5. Once defeated the Hydra, a bridge of rocks will emerge at the right side of the screen. Cross it and enter the next room, the Royal Court, and earn the White Knight Armor.