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Yearbook 2007-2008
Yearbook 2007-2008
Date released October 24, 2008
Found Book Shelf

The Yearbook 2007-2008 is a book in Club Penguin found in the Book Room's Book Shelf. It chronicles the events of the third year of the game, from October 2007 to September 2008.

Table of contents[]

"Flip through this yearbook for memories galore; find all the hidden surprises in store!

Thanks for all the feathered fun in our fantastic third year."


October 2007[]

"We celebrated our Second Anniversary Party at the Coffee Shop – complete with a giant cake!

It was a spooky time on the island, when another eclipse darkened the sky for the Halloween Party. The spine-tingling film, Night of the Living Sled, made us shudder at the Lighthouse.

We started wearing wigs - and looked great with Beekeepers and Spikesters!"

The Ping Pong Paddle pin appeared when the light green candy was clicked.

November 2007[]

"The Plaza was renovated, and it became a cultural hotspot with the addition of The Stage. Actors and actresses were invited to star in our first ever play, "Space Adventure!""

The UFO pin appeared when the flying UFO was clicked.

December 2007[]

"During the holiday festivities, we donated to Coins for Change and showed we care about the environment and kids around the world."

The Holly pin appeared when the Coins For Change Donation Station was clicked.

January – March 2008[]

"What a busy start to the year! While we dance with our sombreros at the Winter Fiesta-Val, superheroes battled against a giant squid in "Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal."

Divers and mermaids splashed around in snorkelling gear at our Sub-Marine Party. Sporty penguins wore soccer shirts and bought gym kits to work out in their igloos!"

The Anchor Pin appeared when the Fluffy was clicked.

Save the Migrator[]

"The Migrator, Rockhopper’s trusty ship, went up against an iceberg and sank.

The Captain and Yarr escaped safely and we started the Save the Migrator project.

Brave divers used the Aqua Grabber to salvage Rockhopper's ship. As a thank you, he gave us the key to the Captain's Quarters."

April 2008[]

"We waddled around an artful-looking island and felt dizzy as the Forest went upside-down for our April Fool’s Day Party. Penguins gathered eggs for Easter and got new jobs with the Rescue Squad."

The Pyramid Pin appeared when the green puffle was clicked.

May 2008[]

"Hark! Brave knights, daring princesses, ferocious dragons, and ye olde blacksmiths did waddleth about the great Medieval Party. Penguins built a secret Tree-House at the Forest, and across the land good cheer and celebrations could be found."

The Goblet Pin appeared when the penguin wearing a Blue Dragon Costume was clicked.

June 2008[]

"Water balloons were tossed at the Water Party, and at The Stage, we travelled back in time with "The Penguins That Time Forgot". In town, an unexpected earthquake damaged buildings, but quick-thinking penguins soon cleaned up the mess."

The Icecream Cone Pin appeared when the purple inflatable octopus' eyes were clicked.

July 2008[]

"July was a busy month! We organized our inventories with improved player cards, and sent postcards with Penguin Mail.

At the Music Jam 08, crowds danced, bands jammed, and penguins made music dance videos. We went wild for the Penguin Band when they rocked the ‘berg and hung out with their backstage fans!"

The Treble Clef Pin appeared when the Music Jam logo was clicked.

August 2008[]

"Fitness was the name of the game as we earned medals during the Penguin Games. We worked out in a triathlon, played soccer at the pitch, and then relaxed in our new ship igloos. Phew!"

The 150th Newspaper Pin appeared when a penguin's Gold Medal was clicked.

September 2008[]

"We played new fair games, collected tickets, and won new prizes at the second Fall Fair. There were plenty of special treats in store, including a colorful carousel and a tasty candy apple."

The Magnifying Glass Pin appeared when the blue puffle with its eyes closed was clicked.


  • If the player was an agent, a Spy Phone appeared on the June page, in one of the photographs of the earthquake. If it was clicked on, a message from the Director appeared, thanking the player for helping stop Herbert P. Bear.