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Yearbook 2009-2010
Yearbook 2009-2010
Date released October 23, 2010
Found Book Shelf

The Yearbook 2009-2010 is a yearbook that was released on October 23, 2010, at the 5th Anniversary Party. It chronicles the events of the fifth year of the game, from October 2009 to September 2010.

Table of contents[]

"This book is dedicated to all the penguins who shared our fifth year. Read this book and celebrate your favorite memories!"


October 2009[]

"We celebrated our 4th anniversary in the cake-shaped Coffee Shop. Then, a spooky Halloween storm darkened the island. We dressed-up as monsters. Grawl!"

The 4th Anniversary Cake Pin appeared when the penguin wearing a 3rd Year Party Hat was clicked.

November 2009[]

"Fire Ninja! We got ready for the element of fire when we saw the smoking volcano. We made an Amulet and built The Fire Dojo. Then we trained with Sensei."

The Hot Chocolate Pin appeared when the sideways hot sauce bottle was clicked.

December 2009[]

"Time for change! Everyone gave their coins and time during Coins for Change. Our efforts made a difference to kids around the world. Then we celebrated the holidays!"

The Snowman Pin appeared when Santa's Sled in a photograph was clicked.

January 2010[]

"We discovered some very secret caves after a rockslide in the Mine! We learned to dive at the Hidden Lake and found a beautiful Underwater Room."

The Puffer Fish Pin appeared when the digging sign was clicked.

February 2010[]

"At the Stage, we found the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest.

Puffles raced through an obstacle course at the Puffle Party. And hungry orange puffles joined in the fun."

The Feather Pin appeared when the word "Secrets" was clicked.

March 2010[]

"Brave rescuers faced great dangers to save lost puffles in Puffle Rescue.

Then we took to the red carpet for the Penguin Play Awards. Quest for the Golden Puffle was voted best play again!"

The Cupcake Pin appeared when the Puffle Rescue logo was clicked.

April 2010[]

"Silliness took over the April Fool’s Party. We planted a Community Garden to celebrate Earth Day. And we opened a Recycling Plant."

The Recycle Pin appeared when the pointing hand connected to the "ARE YOU LOST?" sign was clicked.

May 2010[]

"The Sports Shop got destroyed in an unexpected popcorn explosion. It took us a week to eat the whole popcorn pile.

"Brave knights and princesses faced a new knight’s quest. We found lots of treasure after we got past ye ferocious dragon."

The Toothbrush Pin appeared when the knight wearing a cloak in a photograph was clicked.

June 2010[]

"The Everyday Phoning Facility showed up to replace the Sports Shop. Nothing at all unusual happens there...

Then we dressed up as mermaids and sailors, and had an epic ship battle at the Island Adventure Party."

The Ruby Pin appeared when the barrel on top of the cannon was clicked.

July 2010[]

"At Music Jam, performers busked all over the island. We danced a conga line at the Casa Fiesta.

We started working together to earn stamps. Then we showed off our new Stamp Books."

The Tambourine Pin appeared when the penguin wearing The Spikester was clicked.

August 2010[]

"Brave climbers faced icy paths, and challenging obstacles on the Mountain Expedition. We found lots of unusual things on our way to the top!"

The Carabiner Pin appeared when the lone cloud in the top-right was clicked.

September 2010[]

"Rockhopper brought magic to The Fair and performers wowed everyone with their magic shows. And then it was the end of another Club Penguin year. Here's to the new year ahead!"

The Fair Ticket Pin appeared when the baton a red puffle waved in the second photograph was clicked.


  • On the June page, if the player clicked on the first letter of each word on the EVERYDAY PHONING FACILITY sign, and the EPF Phone held by an agent in a photograph, a hidden message would appear, prompting the player to take the Elite Penguin Force test at the Everyday Phoning Facility.