Yellow Unicorn Puffle
Puffle yellow1020 paper

Available Yes (Only from Puffle Wild)
Attitude Unknown
Member only Yes
Favorite toys None
Dance Hops up and down
Tongue color Blue
ID yellow1020

The Yellow Unicorn Puffle is a Puffle Creature. It is available from the Puffle Wild app for iOS devices. It can be adopted after popping 50 of each yellow and white O'Berries on the bonus level after cleaning level 34 of Wild Woods.


I'm a powerhouse of match three love!
— Glitterpants

Glitterpants is a famous Yellow Unicorn Puffle who first made an appearance singing in the Club Penguin song Awesome to be Rare, and later in the Club Penguin Times.

Contrary to his personality and name, Glitterpants is male. He can speak to penguins and freeze time. As for his personality, he is very full of himself.



  • It is the only unicorn puffle in the app so far, making it the only species of Puffle Creature in Puffle Wild to not have four color variations.
  • It is one of two yellow puffle creatures, the other being the Yellow Dinosaur Puffle.
  • Its dig is identical to that of every other Puffle Wild puffle.
  • It is the only Unicorn Puffle to have a snout.
  • According to the music video Awesome to be Rare, Yellow Unicorn Puffles have a variety of magical abilities, including their tears being able to heal wounds and freezing time, among others. Glitterpants the puffle is also seen to be able to talk, although it is unknown if all Yellow Unicorns have this trait.


Famous Yellow Unicorn Puffles



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