Club Penguin Wiki
Yukon Costume Trunk
Full Name Yukon
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Explorer
Appeared During Quest for the Golden Puffle
Color Green
Clothes Items Safari Hat, Beige Explorer Outfit, Supply Bag
Related To None
Friends With Alaska
Meetable Character? No

Yukon is one of the main characters of the stage play: Quest for the Golden Puffle. He is a timid male explorer. He claims to be "allergic to danger", but he still follows Alaska into scary places. He is frightened by many things, while Alaska (considered his polar opposite) is a lot more brave than him.


  • "Smart. Loyal. Cautious. Yukon is the timid but trustworthy friend and co-adventurer of Alaska. Though he claims to be allergic to danger, he still follows Alaska into scary places..."


  • Both Yukon and Alaska are named after real world places (both are in North America).