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歡迎來到企鵝俱樂部百科! 已有8篇中文條目!

English: Welcome to Club Penguin Wiki (Chinese Version) ! We are a free, editable encyclopedia of Club Penguin with 8 articles that you can help edit!

規則 (Policies)


  1. 尊重其他用户,互相包容,避免紛爭
  2. 敬請自重,切勿蓄意對本百科進行惡意攻擊或破壞
  3. 這是中文百科,切勿加入非中文內容 (無法翻譯的標題及註釋除外)
  4. 切勿恣意抄襲或剪貼其他人的文章和圖片 - 這可能構成侵權


Welcome to Chinese Club Penguin Wiki! We welcome you to edit this wiki, but please bear in mind and follow the following instructions before you begin:

  1. Show respect to other users in this wiki. Maintain a sense of peace and aviod wars in this wiki;
  2. No malicious attacks or vandalism in this wiki is tolerated - please respect yourself;
  3. Please don't add non-Chinese content to this wiki (except titles that cannot be translated and references). The use of translators are highly not recommended as they are seldom accurate.
  4. Please don't copy information from other wiki to this wiki and copy information from this wiki without permission. Plagiarism may result in Copyright Violation.

Again, we wholeheartedly welcome you to work with us, enjoy the freedom of editing this wiki and to share knowledge and experiences all related to Club Penguin!

特色條目 (Featured Articles)

If you were looking for the english club penguin wiki, go to

除了特别提示,社区内容遵循CC-BY-SA 授权许可。